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Loan Approval Do’s & Don’ts


Common Don’ts:

  • Don’t quit your job, switch to a new job, or chase your dream of self-employment.
  • Do not apply for any new credit. Again Do Not apply for any new credit.
  • Don’t buy a new car, furniture, or other big-ticket items.
  • Don’t max out any of your credit cards – keep as low of a balance as possible.
  • Don’t spend any money you’ve set aside for covering closing costs, cosign a loan or open up new lines of credit.
  • Don’t make large deposits, transfer large sums of money, or change bank accounts or banks.


Please give us a call if you need to do any of the above so we can make sure it has as low of an impact on the loan process as possible!

Common Do’s:

  • Do send us your Income and Asset documents so we can upgrade your approval.
  • Do include any/all liabilities and debts with your loan application.
  • Do include all documentation (don’t leave anything out) with your application.
  • Do give us a call if you have any questions during this process.
  • Do rest assured knowing we’re on your side and have all of our experience working for you.

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